Facts! Know This is the Importance of PBN Backlink Services for Optimization

Facts! Know This is the Importance of PBN Backlink Services for Optimization – Sometimes when you are searching in a search engine and enter a website you accidentally often find advertisements about PBN backlink services. With the various ‘sweet promises’ of the PBN model offered by the PBN backlink service providers, they place advertisements in various places.

reported from nubiseo.com There are indeed several steps that can be taken, both with the white hat method, namely prioritizing onpage SEO or black hat such as buying and selling backlinks that are carried out to improve the position of your website and enter the ideal SERP ranking. In addition to profile backlinks, maximizing content, 302 redirects, you can also create backlinks on PBN.

But why do so many people use PBN backlink services?

About PBN Backlinks

Bakclink PBN is one of the popular optimization methods carried out by SEO agencies. What is PBN, PBN stands for Private Blog network. If freely translated, it is a blog created by SEO services that aims to create backlinks to articles. The purpose of making backlinks in the article, of course, is to support the main website which will make the main website enter the SERP rankings.

Because the blog is a network, the creation is not just one. There are so many blogs that must be made so that it needs careful preparation. And most importantly, there are tricks that must be done so that the blog excels.

1. PBN Backlink Service

If you use a network blog to strengthen the backlink structure on the main website, of course there are several tricks used. This is because creating a blog that is used for PBN is not as easy as creating a regular blog. Below is a typical PBN

2. Using a used/old domain

PBN backlink service providers usually use aged domains or domains that have been purchased for a long time but have not been renewed. The purpose of buying this domain is because a domain that has existed must have been indexed in search engines before.

Because the old domain has existed for years, it is possible that the pagerank is already high. Therefore, if you observe PBN blogs created by PBN backlink service providers, sometimes the content of the PBN web or blog does not match the domain used or it can be said that it is not in the same niche.

3. Made in bulk

His name is also a blog network, of course the creation is not small. By using various PBNs, it is hoped that the main web that is built will rank high on the SERP. The more PBNs and the more ‘natural’ they are made, the better for the main web SERP rankings.

4. Not connected to each other

In making PBN, one blog and another blog are not connected to each other. This is because so that Google does not index that the blog is one ownership for the purpose of strengthening the backlinks of a website.

5. Content not like the main web

The content on the PBN is not the same as the main website that will be monetized. This is so that Google does not know that between PBN and the main web is one ownership. Therefore, everything in PBN is made as ‘natural’ as possible.

6. Use of different domain and hosting registers

To be safe from Google’s manual tracking, it is recommended that PBN makers use different registers and hosting. Be it the IP and country of the hosting provider used for the PBN or the email to register the domain you purchased from the auction.

With such a step, it is hoped that the PBN created will look really like a personal blog that has nothing to do with the business of making backlinks that are manipulated for optimization because this is closely related to Blogger Seo Settings.

So that when there is an ‘inspection’ from Google, they don’t see any irregularities in the blog or website that was created. Because the PBN was made as carefully as possible.